First Health and Wellbeing Expo a Success

After a wet start to the day, the sun came out as the community came together to show their support and interest in the wide range of health and wellbeing services and supports showcased at the first Health and Wellbeing Expo. Although an absolute headcount of those who attended wasn’t kept, it is estimated that in excess of 200 people, in addition to the many exhibitors, presenters and food providers, came through the doors.

The opening addresses, introduced by Kath Boman, Manager of Norfolk Island Health and Residential Aged Care Service, and provided by Kerrell-Ann Hack from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), Mr Eric Hutchinson, our Administrator and our Mayor, Robin Adams, provided a positive and uplifting start to the Expo. Thanks also to NDIA for their financial support of the Expo

The quality of all the exhibitions, presentations and wonderful fresh and healthy food options available was inspiring and enjoyed by all those who attended. The fresh fruit and vegetable display put together by Home Grown 2899 was awesome as well as very informative about the range of fresh foods grown on the Island.

The organisers would like to sincerely thank all those who worked together to make the Health and Wellbeing Expo such a great success. As there were so many people who worked together  before, during and after the Expo, it would be difficult to list everyone for fear of forgetting to include someone so thanks are extended to everyone involved.

Congratulations to the winners of the lucky door and evaluation-return prizes and thanks to People Plus, Christian-Bailey Agencies and Foodlands for their support of these prizes.

Once all the evaluation forms have been reviewed and compiled and feedback received from exhibitors, presenters and food providers, planning will start for a bigger and better Health and Wellbeing Expo for 2019.

Thanks to Eric Hutchinson for the great photos.

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