Breast Screening Comes to Norfolk

The launch of the Breast Screening Service, with our amazing new digital mammography machine, was attended by an appreciative group who knew only too well the long history of community fundraising and advocacy that has got us to this point.

Present at the unveiling was Warren Langman, an original member of, and major donor to, the Trust Fund started by Alice Buffett, and Lorraine Boudan, Alice’s niece. It was sad that Alice could not be there to savour the moment. The present members of the Trust Fund – Tracey Yager, Allen Battaille and Dale Howe – were also present, as was Karen Innes-Walker, the Health and Wellbeing Coordinator.

Breast scan launch2

The staff of Sydney Breast Clinic (SBC) were very impressed with the quality of the images, and the number of women who attended. In total 138 women had mammograms performed. We are very appreciative of the team from SBC  which included the Manager, a Radiographer and a Technician, who did a wonderful job and remained cheerful for the full 4 days of screening. They also had a chance to enjoy the scenery and hospitality of the Island.

As breast cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer in Australia, it is very important that women aged 50 – 74 who have no symptoms or history of breast cancer have a breast screen every two years.

Planning will now begin for the next SBC visit in one years’ time.

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