Heart Disease Presentation

On Saturday afternoon,  29 September, the Pitcairn Settlers’ Village hall was filled with people interested in hearing Dr Greg Cranney, Head of Cardiology at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney, speak about many aspects of heart disease.  He spoke about the importance of trying to prevent heart disease from developing or getting worse through a healthy diet, exercise, regular health checks, reducing stress and having a positive attitude. He also spoke about the high incidence of atrial fibrillation and how it can increase the risk of people having a stroke. He also explained the various tests used to diagnose and monitor existing heart disease. There were many good questions from those who attended. For more information visit the Heart Foundation website www.heartfoundation.org.au or speak to your GP.

We are hoping that Dr Cranney and his team will return to Norfolk to provide pre-screening cardiology services. He had several meetings with the GP Clinic while he was here and we hope for a plan to come out of these discussions soon.

Dr Cranney talk1

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