Skin Cancer Prevention and Awareness

Dr Michelle White gave a great talk on skin cancer prevention and awareness on Wednesday 5 December and received many good questions form those who attended. Her presentation can also be found here.

The handouts available at Michelle’s presentation can be found here:

10 Myths About Sun Protection

Early Detection Of Skin Cancer

How Much Sun Is Enough?

With Summer now here, the GP Clinic is offering comprehensive skin checks with either Dr Michelle or Dr Alex. Please call 24134 for an appointment and remember to mention you are booking for a skin check.

Photo below shows Michelle explaining the different types of skin cancers.

Skin cancer talk51218

1 thought on “Skin Cancer Prevention and Awareness

  1. These hand-outs are fantastic. We’re looking to do similar programming at the senior care center I work at. It seems like a lot of our residents have developed basal cell carcinoma ( in recent years and want more education on the different types of skin cancers. This type of work would be perfect for our folks.

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