Welcome to Dr Peter Manns

Dr Peter Manns joined the NIHRACS team on July 1, 2019. The above photo shows Dr Peter with his wife, Svetlana and grandson, Henry. Svetlana will be joining Peter later in the year. Peter provided the following information about his very interesting career and interests. Peter studied Medicine at Sydney University and has lived and worked in the UK, Canada and across Australia. He enjoys living and working on Islands and as well as Norfolk he has worked on Christmas Island, Cocos Islands, Thursday Island and Kangaroo Island. He has also worked in several remote mining towns throughout Australia. He has a long working association with the medical services within the Defence Forces, with his previous role, before moving to Norfolk, being the Senior Medical Officer at Royal Military College, Duntroon.

Peter has two grown up children and Henry is his first grandchild. He indicated his interests outside of work are travel, with his favourite places in the world being The Galapagos Islands and Cuba, as well as spearfishing and photography. Welcome to Dr Peter.

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