Condom Vending Machines now installed

NIHRACS and Norfolk Island Regional Council have been working together to obtain and install two new condom vending machines in the male and female public toilets behind Rawson Hall. They are now installed and fully stocked. The cost is $2 for a pack of 2 condoms.

According to the latest survey, 75 per cent of young Australians aged 15 – 29 who had sex in the last year did so without a condom at least once.

The National Debrief Survey, published by the University of New South Wales, looked at the sexual health-related knowledge, attitudes and practices of young Australians across the country. The survey found that most young people (69%) did not use a condom when having sex with regular partners and 24 per cent didn’t use condoms with casual partners.

The Kirby Institute, which publishes data on the rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) every year, found there was a 13 per cent increase in chlamydia diagnoses in 2017. Three-quarters of these diagnoses were among young people aged 15-29 years of age.

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