NICHE program update

The Norfolk Island Community Health Empowerment (NICHE) Program is a free program designed for people who are living with one or more chronic (longer term) health conditions. The program will help participants to learn more about their health and condition and provide support and health coaching to assist in making healthy lifestyle changes. It has been running for approximately 6 weeks with Registered Nurse Vanessa Bakker as the temporary NICHE Program Coordinator. Currently 13 people are participating in the program with one person having completed her sessions. We would like to welcome Registered Nurse Jane Trotter as the new Coordinator. Jane started in the role on Monday 21 June. A very big thank you to Vanessa for getting the program up and running. To contact Jane please ring the Health & Wellbeing office on 22687. Jane will be working from Monday to Wednesday each week. The Coordinator will assist people to gain more confidence in managing their own health and in making positive lifestyle changes. The program will work closely with the GP Clinic, especially the Chronic Disease Nurse and GPs as well as other health professionals to ensure that everyone is up to date on participants’ health, keeping them at the centre of care.

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