Norfolk Island Community Health Empowerment Program (NICHE)

The NICHE program is run by NIHRACS through the Health and Wellbeing office located in the Smithy’s Building at the roundabout on Taylors Road.

NICHE is a free program for people living with one or more chronic (long term) health conditions and is in place to help people learn more about their condition(s) and medication therapy with an aim of improving general health.  We support people on the program who may have a goal of increasing activity for fitness or weight management – by learning more about how the body works and responds to health conditions, diet and activity.   People participating in the program develop skills to predict and manage events that affect their health.

NICHE supports participants in the program with referrals to allied health team members at the hospital or in the community as well as providing opportunities for walking and water exercising to increase motivation for increasing general fitness and all the benefits this provides.

Referral to the program can be done by the individual or through a GP or other staff at the hospital.  We begin with an introduction to the program and follow up with a meeting to set goals and plan the best way to work towards achieving those goals.  Sessions then continue at intervals to suit the individual, either weekly or fortnightly, as progress is made towards achieving the identified goals.

Phone us at the Health and Wellbeing office on 22687 to talk about what we may be able to offer you on the NICHE program.  There is no obligation to join the program and participation in the program is completely voluntary.

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