Welcome to Dr Sue Fletcher

Dr Nitin Gupte, Dentist, is on leave, returning in late January 2023. Dr Sue Fletcher will be in the leave relief position.

Dr Sue Fletcher graduated from the University of Western Australia and has been practicing for many years, mostly in private practice. She currently lives in Perth, Western Australia. 

These days, she visits only her favorite places as a locum dentist. Sue first visited Norfolk Island in 2021 when she saw an ad for a two-week locum. She couldn’t believe her eyes, as a visit to Norfolk Island was on her bucket list, and when she arrived it well and truly lived up to expectations. She loved both the island and the people, and has since returned three times. This time she will be here up until Christmas, and is really looking forward to catching up with her patients and friends.  Dr Sue has extensive experience working in remote places where it is difficult for patients to access good dental care, so can manage tricky dental problems which normally would need to be referred to a specialist. She is more than happy to have a chat about your dental concerns, and see what can be done for you on island

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