GP Clinic

Norfolk Island GP Clinic aims to provide comprehensive coordinated healthcare services promoting health and wellbeing as well as managing illness.

We are asking visitors and patients to self-identify respiratory symptoms and phone ahead instead of presenting face to face.

Please continue to help us to reduce the risks of coronavirus on our small community by staying home if you are unwell, wearing a mask and washing your hands.

Hours of Operation over Christmas

Monday               19.12.22               8.30am –  5pm

Tuesday               20.12.22               8.30am –  5pm

Wednesday        21.12.22               8.30am –  5pm

Thursday             22.12.22               8.30am –  5pm

Friday                  23.12.22               8.30am –  5pm

Saturday & Sunday                          Closed

Monday              26.12.22               9am-12pm – Walk in Clinic *

Tuesday              27.12.22               9am-12pm – Walk in Clinic *

Wednesday        28.12.22               8.30am –  5pm

Thursday            29.12.22               8.30am –  5pm

Friday                 30.12.22               9am-12pm – Walk in Clinic*

Saturday & Sunday                          Closed

*Walk in clinic – no appointments needed

Please call 24134 for appointments only during opening hours.

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