History of the Hospitals on Norfolk Island

There have been several Hospitals on Norfolk Island, starting with the Civil Hospital at Kingston. Construction of this hospital took place in the first three months of 1829 and was raised on old foundations from the First Settlement. It was still in use as a hospital up until 1855 and described as having 10 rooms, a privy, store, twenty-three window openings, sashes, doors etc. A general description of this hospital includes, “Once you entered into the hospital you were lucky to get out alive because of the unsanitary conditions”.

Other known sites:

  • Military Hospital on Quality Row – now the Administration Building
  • Number 6 Quality Row – established by Dr L.S. Duke in the 1920’s
  • Miss Martha Taylor’s guesthouse in Grassy Road – used as the New Zealand Army Hospital during WWII
  • Bishops Court  – established by the Melanesian Mission and used until 1949
  • Torrie Glen for a short time after Bishops Court 1949*

The current facility was built in the 1940s. It operated as the hospital until July 1st 2016. At that time the Norfolk Island Health and Residential Aged Care Service (NIHRACS) took over administration of the facility.

The community has shown great support to the facility over many years and generous donations have provided the Mawson Units, Physiotherapy, Dental Unit, Emily Channer District Nursing Service, and St John Ambulance.

* Information provided by the Norfolk Island Museum. If you are interested in finding out more about the history of the facility, or any other aspect of Norfolk Island, please visit the Norfolk Island Museum.

To make a donation, please contact us.

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