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Health & Wellbeing office would like to welcome Cricket to NI Active Kids as a sports provider.

If you haven’t received your child’s NI Active Kids voucher for this financial year, call into the Health & Wellbeing office to fill in a very short form and collect a voucher for the value of up to $100 which can be used at one registered NI Active Kids provider. The current vouchers will be valid only till 30 June 2024. For more information contact the Health & Wellbeing team on 22687 or call into the office in the Smithy’s building.

The current local NI Active Kids providers are:

  • Touch Football
  • Tennis
  • Yoga sessions with Candida
  • Archery
  • Pony Club
  • Kids Boxing
  • Junior Outrigger Program
  • NI Fitness & Health (Gym)
  • Golf
  • Girl Guides & Brownies
  • Junior Rugby League
  • Island Coaching & Training (Lou Donald)
  • Netball
  • Oztag
  • Cadets
  • Cricket

Calling for Community Volunteers

NIHRACS is seeking volunteers to become community members of the service’s Committees and Working Groups. These volunteer roles are vital in ensuring the voice of the Norfolk Island Community is central to the planning and development of NIHRACS services and operational governance and will provide invaluable support as we work to gain accreditation against the National Safety and Quality Health-Care Standards, and to see the NIHRACS mission and strategic goals and priorities become reality. If you would like further information, please email qualitysafetyrisk@health.nlk.gov.nf


Habit Based Booklet

Habit-based approaches to making lifestyle changes is a relatively new way of helping people make changes that are more likely to “stick” or be maintained in the longer term.

Research has shown that between 45% – 85% of what we do each day is habitual and most are sub-conscious or automatic, meaning we do them without thinking about it. Examples include putting our seatbelt on after getting into a car, washing our hands after going to the toilet and driving home from work.

To read more on this very interested topic, click on the link below.

Click here to see the Habit Based Booklet

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