Living in a stunningly beautiful remote community, like Norfolk Island, is an amazing privilege. Sometimes, however, there can be challenges. Being able to access the specialist medical care we sometimes need can mean lengthy trips to Australia or New Zealand. Telehealth, while not replacing all services, can relieve some of this burden.

NIHRACS has partnered with NSW Health, and will soon be rolling out telehealth for a range of services and specialities. As we introduce new services we will post in the “News” section of the webpage and list them below.

Telehealth is a secure and easy way to connect with a health professional. It is done via videoconference over the internet. Telehealth will allow residents to access specialist care on the mainland of Australia, without leaving the island.

Telehealth appointments will be conducted from the NIHRACS facility itself, and are confidential and secure, using encrypted connections in all instances.

For more information, Western NSW Local Health District have created this short video about telehealth. The services provided to Norfolk Island will be similar to those enjoyed by Western NSW residents.

(the video is intended as explanation only; the services mentioned are not available on Norfolk Island at this time)


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