Visiting Norfolk Island

Medical treatment on Norfolk Island is covered by Australian Medicare, emergency medical treatment will be covered by Medicare. Please bring your Medicare, Pensioner, and/or Healthcare cards with you to the island.

If you need to be medically evacuated from the Island, you will be transferred from Norfolk Island’s health facility to the closest, appropriate mainland hospital. For those with a Medicare card, the cost of the medivac will be covered by the Australian Government.

Visitors who do not have a Medicare card are highly advised to obtain private travel insurance.

We strongly advise that you pack enough medication for your entire stay on the island, as the pharmacy on the island may not stock what you need. The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) applies on Norfolk Island for those with a Medicare card, and the cost of medicines is comparable to mainland Australia. There is a community pharmacy on the island for prescription filling. Please check ahead, as they may not stock all possible medications. They can be contacted on +672 3 24201, and are called “Burnt Pine Pharmacy”.

There is ambulance service on the island.

Please phone the hospital for advice on services and equipment hire.

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