Health & Wellbeing Expo

Health & Wellbeing Expo 2023

The Health & Wellbeing team are in the process of organising the Health & Wellbeing Expo for this year. The Expo will be held on Saturday 26 August at Rawson Hall between 10am – 1pm. If you would like to be an Exhibitor or be a healthy food provider at the Expo this year, please contact Maria Massey on 22687 or email and a form will be sent to you to fill in and return to secure your spot.

2022 Health & Wellbeing Expo Information

2021 Health & Wellbeing Expo Information

The third Health and Wellbeing Expo was held on 18 September 2021 at Rawson Hall. It brought together over 25 local exhibitors as well as 5 excellent presentations and 4 demonstrations. We were well fed by the two healthy food providers. Approximately 200 people attended in the three hours the Expo was open. The Health and Wellbeing team would like to thank everyone who participated and would especially like to thank the organising group. Below are a selection of photographs from the day.

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