Social Work Service

The NIHRACS social work service assists in coping with the emotional and practical issues that may arise during an inpatient admission or when receiving treatment as an outpatient in the community. The social worker assists the patient and family in navigating the health care systems both on Norfolk Island and when being referred to mainland Australia.

The social worker ensures the patient and family remain informed about their illness and treatment, creating a supportive environment for voicing concerns; this may include arranging family meetings and liaising with members of the treating team.

On a psychosocial level, social work provides counselling with grief, loss and role transition related to health care and crisis intervention regarding the impact of trauma on the patient and family. Social workers are trained in advanced group work and health promotion activities.

The NIHRACS social worker also provides,

  • Education and assistance with the Norfolk Island Patient Travel Accommodation Assistance Scheme (NIPTAAS)
  • Education on future planning documents i.e. Power of Attorney, Enduring Power of Attorney and End of Life care.
  • ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) services.
  • Domestic and Family Violence counselling

Contact details for the NIHRACS social work service is 22091 or mobile 50593.

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