Home Care Package Services

To assist those over 65 to remain living independently in their own homes, the Australian Government provides funding to home care service providers for the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) services and the Home Care Package program.

The CHSP program aims to provide entry level service to older people with the most common service types being domestic assistance and social support services e.g. shopping, transport to go shopping and to attend medical appointments.

When a client needs increased care and case management, they may be eligible for a home care package. If you or a loved one believes increased care is required, the best place to start is with your GP who can send a referral to the Aged Care Assessor. The ACAT assessor is usually a health practitioner employed by a health service. NIHRACS employ an accredited ACAT assessor. The ACAT assessor is trained to complete comprehensive assessments to ensure the client receives the appropriate aged care package level.

On Norfolk Island we are fortunate in that, NIHRACS is a Multi-Purpose Service and are not required to submit referrals for home care to the My Aged Care website.  This means our clients are not on long waiting lists as occurs in Australia.  If you believe you or your loved one need increased care don’t hesitate to speak to your GP about a referral to the ACAT assessor for a home care package. 

If you would like to speak directly to the ACAT assessor, call Maria McCann on 22091 or 50593.

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