Norfolk Island Patients’ Travel Accommodation and Assistance Service (NIPTAAS) Information

What is NIPTAAS?

The Norfolk Island Health and Residential Aged Care Service (NIHRACS) provides a subsidy to Norfolk Island residents to support necessary travel to the mainland for specialist medical treatment not available locally on the island. The three types of health-related travel are:

1. Emergency medical evacuation (medivac) to the Australian mainland (with escort where deemed necessary);

2. Non-urgent transfer to a mainland hospital or recognised treatment facility (with escort where deemed necessary); and

3. Accessing specialist health services.

Click on the below for further information:

NIPTAAS is a subsidy rather than a full reimbursement scheme.

NIPTAAS Information for Patients and Escorts

NIPTAAS Claim Form

Please note that NIPTAAS may not be available for services that can be offered via telehealth.


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