Welcome to new Child, Adolescent and Family Clinician – Felicity Wiseman

Hello I wanted to first introduce myself and then tell you about the position I hold as a Child, Adolescent and Family Clinician with NI-Connect. I’ve worked in the area of health for many years. My initial training was in the hospital based system as a general and mental health nurse (in the days when a registered nurse was called sister and wore a veil!).  I then completed undergraduate studies in psychology and education.  Subsequently I completed Masters in both psychoanalytic studies and clinical psychology.

 I feel blessed to be working in Norfolk Island as my grandparents lived here and I spent a lot of time with them as a child. I also lived here for a time with my father.   I am passionate about teaching skills to improve mental health, with the focus on personal growth and recognition of common humanity, we are all in the same boat and do the best we can.   Most people these days recognise the importance of maintaining/improving physical health – well it’s the same for mental health and we can learn skills to increase happiness, improve wellbeing and reduce suffering.

I have four wonderful children whom I love very much.  They are all adults and it is nice to relate to them as adults and see their movements in the world. I love sharing a meal or relaxing with family and friends. I practice yoga and meditation regularly.  I really appreciate the opportunity of working on Norfolk, as this move has enabled me to contemplate the lives of my extended family, recall beautiful memories of past time in Norfolk. I also enjoy the climate, scenery and lifestyle. 

So first why would someone attend to see me at NI-Connect: Some children and young people find it useful to have support as they make the transitions from childhood to adulthood.  Counselling can be helpful to deal with life issues such as stress, anxiety, low mood, conflict or adjustment to changes in family life such as grief or family breakdown.  There are a range of skills that can be helpful for the child and adolescent to learn to regulate their emotions, or manage distress. At times parents or carers may also find it helpful to talk with someone independently to vent, increase understandings or seek support. The role is a NIHRACS position and the service is confidential.

How much does it cost? This is a free service for children, young people and their families or carers.

Would you like more information or to make an appointment?

If you would like more information call us on 23380 or drop in at NI-Connect (at the Bounty Centre) to discuss your situation and how we can help.

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