The Great NIHRACS Bake Off

On Thursday 27th June, NIHRACS held the customary Big Morning Tea for the Cancer Council, but this year Carrie, the GP Practice Manager, gave it a bit of a twist.

Staff were invited to submit something for the Bake Off, to be judged by two members from the Council of Elders. Robin Butterfield and Cherie Nobbs eagerly volunteered for this tasty task.  On the day they were dressed up for the occasion, with Robin wearing a shirt saying ‘I will be the judge of that’ and ‘Just bake it ’ on the back of Cherie’s.

The selection and quality of the baking was amazing. Judging has never been so deliciously difficult! The overall winner was Sheryl Yelavich, whose loaf not only tasted great, but the presentation insisted you to check it out.

Judging scores were so close, it was impossible to pick the other eight winners, so they were selected on height, ability to provide artery hardening, cultural-ness, out-standing on a plate, as well as horticultural use of a cupcake.

The winner of the item with most originality, or perhaps audacity, was a can of baked beans. The prize was a large grapefruit left on the coffee table in the staff room.

It would have been a great day to shout lunch for everyone, as no one was hungry after such an amazing morning tea!

The morning tea was a huge success, raising some welcome funds for the Cancer Council.

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