Healthy Options program

Health & Wellbeing office are pleased to announce a new program in the Health Promotion Plan “Healthy Option Program”. We are inviting all restaurants & cafes to join the program. All you need to do is nominate one or more items from your menu to be designated as a “Healthy Option”. To participate you will need  to send the recipe, including number of serves from the recipe to our Dietitian (email: who will do a nutritional analysis and either advise that the item meets the healthy options guidelines or provide suggestions on how to make the item meet the guidelines. Once the recipe is a “Healthy Option”, we can supply a sticker (or electronic version) of the logo that you can place onto your menu. We will also supply brochures about the program for your customers.

For more information or to express interest in being part of the program please contact the Health and Wellbeing Office on 22687 or email Karen Innes-Walker, Dietitian and Health and Wellbeing Coordinator on

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