Gastroenteritis outbreak

Currently NIHRACS is concerned about an outbreak of gastroenteritis in the Community. Below is some useful information.

How its Spread

1. Contact with people who have the virus

2. Contaminated food

3. Unwashed hands after going to the toilet


1. Loose stools

2. Diarrhoea

3. Stomach Cramps

4. Fever

5. Nausea/vomiting

6. Headache


Most common cause is the Rota/Nova virus


1. Keep up oral fluids / hydrolyte or icy poles

2. Avoid dairy products/caffeine

3. Bland diet

4. Most importantly wash hands regularly

Seek Medical Help from NIHRACS

1. If vomiting continues for more than 2 days

2. For children under 2 years if they have symptoms longer than 12 hours and/or dry nappies

3. Blood in stools/ vomiting blood

4. Workers will require to off work for 48 hours once symptoms subside

5. If medical certificate is required

For more information go to:…/Gastroenteritis….

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