New Allied Health Assistant – Claudia Yelavich

Welcome to Claudia Yelavich in the Allied Health Assistant role. Claudia has let us know about her new role:

Working as an Allied Health Assistant aims to support allied health professionals in the industry and is a multi-disciplinary role, which involves clear and concise communication among all stakeholders, taking initiative and being able to work and cooperate as a team. Many of my tasks are carried out under the direction of physiotherapy, though each week, I dedicate working hours toward other allied health professions, such as pharmacy, nutrition & dietetics and medical imaging. Allied health assistants play an important role in the rehabilitation of clients and patients and promoting optimal health outcomes where allied health interventions can reduce the need for medical interventions. Embedded in my role includes improving the health of clients, providing patient care, empathy and compassion, managing administrative tasks and encouraging patients to complete specific treatment plans related to injury, illness or disability-related physical issues. Soon, I will be learning about podiatry and possibly speech pathology. I see my role at NIHRACS as a rewarding job because I help people who are in need, and I enjoy working in a range of different settings.

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