Speak  & Share Sessions

Speak & Share’s founding directors are three best mates who have shared the loudest of laughs and have lent each other a shoulder through the hardest of times. Like a lot of us, Ben, Nathan & Mason have experienced the pain of losing a best mate to suicide, a family member to a workplace accident, and enduring the separation of our parents. With each others support, we have been able to stand tall through these hard times.

Speak & Share is a Not For Profit Mental Health Organisation who encourages the tough conversations and challenges the stigma associated with mental health. Through our preventative proactive approach, we facilitate school, corporate and sporting club programs, as well as local events to connect community and raise awareness to positively impact mental health awareness.

Ben, Nathan & Mason will be on island 5-10 November, sessions are free of charge but bookings are required, to register please email Kelly Schmitz at Youth Mental Health Awareness Group on niyouthwellbeing@outlook.com or text Kelly on 50990, please see below for more information.

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