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NIHRACS COVID-19 Update 30 August 2022

Report Your RAT Result

If you test positive on a rapid antigen test (RAT) it is very likely that you have COVID-19.

Report your positive test result by calling NIHRACS on 22091

Note: if you took a PCR test at our testing clinic and received a positive result, you do not need to report it. The testing clinic will report it to our COVID Nurse directly

If you are positive for COVID-19 – Next Steps

Follow the first five steps below if you have COVID-19
You need to:
1.     Isolate for 7 days
2.     You must isolate for 7 days from the date you tested positive. Other members in your household may be considered close contacts and should monitor for symptoms and follow the guidance for close contacts (
3.      Manage your symptoms and health (further advice below).
4.      Arrange for delivery of items you need like food and medication.
5.      Tell your social, work and other contacts to get tested if they have or develop symptoms.

Managing your symptoms
Assess your level of symptoms and read below for more advice on what to do next.
Most people who are fully vaccinated will be able to care for themselves at home, like you would for other viruses. You may have symptoms like a fever, cough, headache or a sore throat. You will probably feel unwell for a day or two and then start to feel better. Some fully vaccinated people will have no symptoms at all.
Use the following assessment tools:
–       complete the QLD Health COVID care self-checker (clinical self-assessment tool)
–       call the Norfolk Island Health and Residential Aged Care Service (NIHRACS) on 22091 during business hours and ask to speak with the COVID Nurse

Depending on your symptoms and other health conditions, you’ll be advised the right type of COVID care for you.
Call Triple Zero (000) if you have severe symptoms. Read more about symptoms and medical care for COVID-19 in Queensland.
For more information, go to

Important COVID-19 announcement on COVID-19 Reinfection Period

Late on Friday (8 July) the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC)  released a change of advice regarding the  COVID-19 reinfection period:

AHPPC advises that the reinfection period be reduced from 12 weeks to 28 days.  People who test positive to COVID-19 more than 28 days after ending isolation due to previous infection should be reported and managed as new cases.

This means the 12 week ‘halo’ period where people do not test for COVID-19 or be subject to a 7-day home isolation order has in effect being reduced from 12 weeks to 4 weeks.

In their advice, AHPPC indicated that  reinfections with the more transmissible BA.4/BA.5 subvariants may occur as early as 28 days after recovery from a previous COVID-19 infection.

NIHRACS has updated its test/isolation directions for recovered COVID-19 cases to align with this advice.

The Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants are now seen as the dominant strains of COVID-19 in Australia, and it is expected there will be increased numbers of reinfections among those who have previously had COVID- 19.

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