NIHRACS Seeks GP Rural Generalists

NIHRACS is advertising for permanent full-time GP Rural Generalists to ensure improved Continuity of Medical Care on Norfolk island. NIHRACS has a Virtual Exhibition booth at RMA 21 (Rural Medicine Australia) the premier GP conference this year for Rural GP’s and Doctors. With thanks to local collaborators within the community we are delighted to have launched the video, with thanks to; Robin Butterfield, Brenda Bates, Rebecca Watson, staff at NIHRACS, Eric Hutchinson and especially to Sorrel Wilby and Chris Ciantar for their accomplished filming, time and editorial oversight. The film was put together in collaboration with David Gilchrist, Communications Consultant with ROCKETSHIP (Remote Opportunities for Clinical Knowledge, Education and Training for Sustainable Health in the Pacific), an Australian NGO working to improve Primary Healthcare Outcomes in the Pacific region.

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