Norfolk Island Community Health Empowerment (NICHE) Program – Walking In Water

Exercising on dry land has many fitness and weight loss benefits but exercising in water can be considered as an alternative keep fit option with benefits that – for many – exceed exercising on dry land.

Walking in water burns more calories than walking on dry land and thus, results in a greater weight loss compared to walking on dry land.

Working out in the water leads to a lower increase in heart rate compared to when working out on dry land due to the cool water and resistance, therefore benefiting those with heart problems. Also, the cooling effect of the water further adds to the comforting effects of working out in water.  So this type of exercise is very well suited to people who experience pain in their hips and/or knees or lower back when walking on dry land.

Exercising in water eliminates stress to the joints and muscles because when in water body weight is reduced by approximately 90 percent thereby providing less overall impact on the body compared to land based exercises.

Thus, walking in water is a highly encouraged method of exercise for those who suffer from joint problems, as well as older people who wish to participate in regular activity that would otherwise cause problems for them when carried out on dry land.

Walk to suit your fitness – complete the number of laps you feel comfortable doing.

You don’t have to be a NICHE participant to join in.

For more information or to be involved in water walking phone the Health and Wellbeing Office on 22687 or Jane (NICHE Program Co-ordinator) on 54239.

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